Sales Development Representative


San Francisco, CA, USA

Full time

Apr 5

This job is no longer accepting applications.

About Us

  • JobScore is an online network that privately matches people and jobs.
  • Over 1,000 employers use JobScore to manage their hiring and we process 1M+ job applications per year on their behalf.
  • JobScore is based in San Francisco, CA but most of our team works remotely. We have some sports fans on our team.
  • We get fired up when we help our customers get better at hiring.

About You

  • Ready to roll: You're self-aware, eager to learn, want to climb the curve, and put in the work to take your career to the next level.
  • Detail-oriented multitasker: You excel in tracking of lots of things without dropping the ball. At some point, someone may have called you “Johnny on the spot.”
  • Unflappable: A little conflict doesn’t bother you -- and you get that it can be the secret ingredient that clears the path to make something more awesome. Quitting isn't in your repertoire.
  • Communicator: “Inquisitive.” “Articulate.” “Charming.” “A great active listener.” These are all things other people have said about you. Your grandma counts.
  • Competitive: You like to win. You hate to lose. You don’t just enjoy playing the game, you are a student of it.
  • Fun: Your involvement makes things suck less. People like having you around and invite you to stuff. You have a contagious sense of enthusiasm. You have some schtick that you know works.

About the Opportunity

  • Learn “the art of the SDR” from experienced professionals with enviable track records.
  • Learn the software industry from a team that built a product that many people use, love, and care deeply about.
  • Master everything thrown at you... so you can learn even more and have a greater impact. “Please sir, may I have some more?”
  • Understand how things are measured, routinely exceed expectations, and be handsomely rewarded for it.


  • Research: Use the best tools money can buy to understand companies, individuals, and talent teams. Use your noodle to figure out who to target. 
  • Analyze: Make assumptions based on your research and use them to initiate thoughtful, meaningful conversations about how to improve recruiting results and make people’s lives better.
  • Follow up: Politely, persistently, and persuasively communicate to get people to do stuff -- and have them love you for it.
  • Automate: Use your penchant for identifying opportunities to make things more efficient and effective.

Desired Qualifications

  • Quick Learner: You aren't a CRM guru, prospecting expert, or a SAAS demo god (yet). You pick things up quickly, are comfortable asking questions, and have a track record of achievement through hard work.
  • High Throughput: Once you’ve learned how to do something and mastered it... you enjoy putting your head down to “crank" and get a lot done. You are a bit addicted to the endorphin hit you get when you cross something off a list.
  • Critical Thinker: If something doesn’t feel right, or seems inefficient, you are comfortable gathering and presenting your thoughts .. and collaborating with teams to make things better.
  • Ambitious: You aspire to grow into new challenges. This probably means you know what a dead-end job looks like … and can identify that this isn’t one. You can imagine yourself being a great business person someday.
  • Scientific Artist: You are creative enough to come up with ideas, disciplined enough to execute on them, scientific enough to want to measure whether they succeed or fail, and resilient enough to keep trying new ones until something works.
  • Remote ready: You have access to high-speed internet & are confident you can be productive working away from an office. 

Important Detail

  • 50+% of whether we contact you will be based on the terse, entertaining prose of your cover letter. We recommend explaining why you are at the point in your life that this feels like the right opportunity.
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